- ¼ cup chopped Swiss chard (preferably organic).

- ¼ cup of parsley leaves (preferably organic).

- ¼ cup of green cactus - nopal (preferably organic).

- ½ scoop of broccoli powder:

- ½ Granny Smith apple (preferably organic), in chunks.

- 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice.

- ½ cup of Penta water (or filtered tap water)

- ¼ cup of ice


Mix all ingredients in blender. Serve as desired.

Ingredient Health Benefits:

Swiss chard: Swiss chard is a very nutritional food; an excellent source of vitamins K, A, and C. It also contains Potassium, Iron and Magnesium.

Parsley leaves: Promotes Kidney cleanse, it heals with body detoxification, boots digestion, strengthens immunity system.

Green Cactus (nopal)
: Anti-inflamatory agent; lowers blood sugar, lowers cholesterol.

Broccoli: Great source of vitamins: K, C; good source of folic acid, potassium, fiber. Reduce blood pressure, good for immune system, bone health, digestion, skin care and detoxification.

Granny Smith apple: Decreases chances of colon cancer, promotes good digestion, Reduce Liver issues, rich in antioxidants.

Lime juice: Improves digestion, lowers blood sugar, reduces heart disease, and reduces inflammation. Good source of Vitamins A, B, C and D; contains magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Penta water: Cleanest water bottled in the market (period!). Each bottle of Penta water undergoes a patented 13 step, 11 hour purification process that removes more impurities than any other bottled water. No chemicals added to alter Penta's pH. It is naturally occurring, and can range from 7 - 8. Penta water contains less than 1 ppm TDS (total dissolved solids). Making it at least 100x more pure than leading brands.

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